Could not start the tranquility servers

Hi ,

I have a single node EC2 instance where I have installed imply 2.8.20 to play around and see it’s functionalities .

Recently I was trying to test the realtime ingestion task and as per the instruction given in

I tried to uncomment the tranquility server line in my Quickstart.conf file. But once restart my imply with bin/supervise -c conf/supervise/quickstart.conf

I get the below error in var/sv/tranquility-server

“Could not find or load main class com.metamx.tranquility.distribution.DistributionMain”

Am I missing anything here ,do I have install anything else to make it work ?

And also does anybody know what are the advantages of using tranquility server over Kafka indexing service?



Hi All,

Is there any take on this ?



You need to check druid extensions or config file for tranquillity.

Aslo check if you have downloaded the tranquility and placed inside Druid incubating directory.



Hey Anusha!

Happy Druid Day!! Along with Ashish’s note, you might want to look at using Druid’s native Kafka extension, Unless you have a compelling reason to use Tranquility, you should move to the new Kafka Indexing Service. It guarantees exactly once ingestion. Some data around configuration is here -

Hi Daniel ,

thanks for the tip ! I have been using Kafka indexing service now , but as I am doing poc to understand what are the capabilities of druid . I wanted to explore the tranquility servers functionalities too.So that I have some pointers and takes on that