Custom visualisations in pivot

Hi experts. ,

I am using the pivot a product from imply .

Wanted to understand if I can make “custom visualisations” apart from the existing visualisation options available in pivot ,something similar to what we have in product like “superset” !

Any takes ?



Hi Anusha,
Can you give little bit more details about how exactly you want your visualizations to look like so that it will help in deciding whether that sort of visualization is possible or not in Imply UI?

Some screenshots, some example data sets will be very helpful.

Thank you.


Hi siva ,

currently I am not looking for anything particular.

I just wanted to know incase if I want to have something customised in future , apart from what is available under table section on right top corner next to the filter /show tabs in pivot ,is there a feature of adding any other kind of view by my own ?



Hi Anoosha,

There are plans to support a custom visualization framework in Pivot in the release after the next release.

Best regards,


Thanks Vadim