[CVE-2020-1958]: Apache Druid LDAP injection vulnerability

Severity: High

The Apache Software Foundation

Versions Affected:
Druid 0.17.0

When LDAP authentication is enabled:

  • Callers of Druid APIs with a valid set of LDAP credentials can bypass the credentialsValidator.userSearch filter barrier that determines if a valid LDAP user is allowed to authenticate with Druid. They are still subject to role-based authorization checks, if configured.
  • Callers of Druid APIs can retrieve any LDAP attribute values of users that exist on the LDAP server, so long as that information is visible to the Druid server. This information disclosure does not require the caller itself to be a valid LDAP user.


  • Users of Druid 0.17.0 that use LDAP authentication should upgrade to Druid 0.17.1.

This issue was discovered by Grzegorz Goławski.

Great catch!