Daemon run


Is there any supported option for daemon running Druid?

Yes, if you are using the supervise script you can use the --daemonize flag.


Hi Mateusz,

If using the Imply distro, can do something like the following:

/opt/imply-2.8.7/bin/supervise -c /opt/imply-2.8.7/conf/supervise/query.conf --daemon

The above command will launch the broker and router processes.

Im looking at supervice script and I cant find there daemonize option. Druid ver. 0.14.2

W dniu czwartek, 13 czerwca 2019 18:58:44 UTC+2 użytkownik Benjamin Hopp napisał:

Have you tried the --daemon flag ?



Sorry, it looks like the daemon option is part of the Imply druid release, and is not in the open source druid. I would recommend using nohup to start druid in the background.

nohup bin/supervise -c conf/supervise/query.conf > query.log &.


It working for around 2 hours and stoping process

W dniu wtorek, 18 czerwca 2019 09:23:16 UTC+2 użytkownik Benjamin Hopp napisał: