Data Drop happening after new segment creation

When I do the following things, what I expect is … but instead … happens.

  • Step 1:- Create a new Datasource with 1 replica and 2 task to load Data from Kafka topic (having 2 partitions)
  • Step 2 :- My 2 middle manager has 3 cpu each and worker slot = 10, 2 broker nodes , 1 for other services
  • Step 3:- when segment gets full, data drop is seen for few records. trying 100k records in 1 minute

That means … whenever segment flush happens task ,i assume task is still pushing the data to old segments and hence data drop is happening till new segment is active.

Please … can you please help with the configuration i am missing anything, also when i increase the replica count ,my data from deep storage is not loaded,
and it dose not show in segment tab whether pending to load so it completely drops that segment

Things I've tried
  • My experiment 1
    Increasing middle manager, Increasing the replica count
  • My experiment 2
    tried to enable from curl POST to co-ordinator
  • My experiment 3
Logs ``` you can paste your logs here ```

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Hi @tiwaribips91,
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You mention that your middle manager has 3 cpus but you are using 10 worker slots. I don’t know if this is the problem but the recommendation in cofiguration is that you use CPUs -1 for the worker.capacity. So if you have enough concurrent tasks (i.e. > 4) you could be starving the tasks for resources.

Could you share the task log, perhaps there are more details that will help diagnose this there.