Data gives ID but not showing port 8081

While loading my json file it gives a successful Id but does not show in port 8081.

But in log of port 8090 the coordinator is shown unavailable as shown in below screenshot. Due to that problem I am not able to do query on that data and while doing topN query its giving me an error such as :-

And while doingh sql query its giving me error as :-

{“error”:“Unknown exception”,“errorMessage”:“org.apache.calcite.runtime.CalciteContextException: From line 1, column 30 to line 1, column 36: Object ‘result2’ not found”,“errorClass”:“”,“host”:null}

Kindly Help will be appreciated.

Hi Shivendra,

Could you check the coordinator log and see if there are any exception you find there. If the coordinator is coming up, you can check loadstatus with “curl :8081/druid/coordinator/v1/loadstatus”. More information on coordinator API’s is here



I checked the loadstatus on coordinator console its now showing the data loaded which shows as a SUCCESS in port 8090.

Kindly help me what should i do now.