Data ingestion frequency


I was evaluating druid, I came to a scenario and not sure how that will work druid architecture.

See I have different metrics like Production Quantity and Sales Quantity, here I need to store the data for Production quantity on daily and Sales Quantity on monthly. How that is possible in Druid ?

I tried with granularitySpec type as arbitary, but that doesn’t work for me. When I take the count for Production Quantity and Sales Quantity for month I expecting the result like 30 for Production Quantity and 1 for Sales Quantity but I get 30 always.

It will be really helpful if someone can advise or suggest me a fix for this.



You can do the rollup of Sales Quality before hand and ingest this as a long dimension. Then your query will be grouping on that field.

Hello Slim,

Thanks for your response, since I am new to DRUID, I didn’t really get your answer, it will be really helpful if you can give a detailed answer.