Data not moving to Historical Node from Middlemanager


I am able to view my data in Middlemanager node, but the same data is not getting moved into Historical node.

Can someone point me to the reason or give me some check points (like logs )which I can use to debug.



Data does not move directly from the MiddleManager to Historicals. Instead it goes from the MiddleManager to deep storage, and then from deep storage to the Historical Nodes.

If it is not making it to the Historical, I would make sure both the MiddleManager and Historicals can access deep storage, and that you’re using shared deep storage.(S3, HDFS, or NFS mount)


I am having a similar issue with the historical node. I am using s3 deep storage and have specified the aws.region in the jvm.config file for all the services. Once the indexing succeeds the historical node exits with an error in the logs that says it can’t find the aws region.

  1. Error in custom provider, com.amazonaws.SdkClientException: Unable to find a region via the region provider chain. Must provide an explicit region in the builder or setup environment to supply a region.