Default deep storage in docker-druid : S3

The configuration for docker-druid image has following properties specified in supervisor.conf:




I believe the above values will have to be replaced with proper tokens obtained from one’s S3 service.(The logs show 403 forbidden error for these placeholder keys)

My understanding is that initially the data loaded is available through realtime nodes and later handed off to historical node for storing into deep storage. All later queries will fetch data from historical nodes.

I am confused as to what the default deep storage that is used by this dockerized setup though. Is S3 intended to be the deep storage? I haven’t replaced the accessKey and secretKey since i don’t have S3. But i do see ingested data when i run queries so i assume “local” is the deep storage mechanism that is used here. If so, what are these S3 properties for?



Does anyone has any idea about this?

what are the S3 configs for if local storage is used for Depp storage?