Delete Data from Druid


Is it possible to delete all data related to a specific
dimension, say ‘city’, on Druid and if yes, how? I had a look here
but couldn’t
find any relevant information.

Thank you,

I think any changes to the existing datasource you will need to reindex the datasource from the new file that does not have city as dimension.

Hi Boyapati,

Not sure if I get the answer right. What I have done so far is stop

sending the particular dimension to Druid. Does this mean that I
also have to exclude that dimension from the configuration? i.e. set
this: “dimensionExclusions”: [“lat”,“lon”]? Note that I am currently
accepting all dimensions, i.e. I do this: “dimensions”: in the
configuration file.

HI Adamantios,

Stop sending the dimension or dimension exclusion will work going forward, but the only way you can delete historical data of lat/lon is to rebuild the data using indexing service.