Delete segments by Interval

Hi all,

I’m using Druid 0.14.2 and I have an issue deleting segments of a datasource by interval or by SegmentId.

When I do a POST request to coordinator:


with this body: { “interval” : “2018-12-31T22:00:00.000Z/2019-10-01T04:00:00.000” }

I always receive “404 Not found”.

Segments with this interval are presents and I can see them in Druid Console.

I receive “404 Not found” also when I try to delete by SegmentId


Can you try the following endpoint using a POST?


Also I noticed your second interval is in the future and not followed by Z


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Is an error in email, I use this json:

{ “interval” : “2018-12-31T22:00:00.000Z/2019-01-01T04:00:00.000Z” }

When I call


I found and empty list.

But when I call

I see my Datasource




With Druid Console, instead, I see this datasource enabled and ‘Full available’

When you run this command you are getting an empty set?

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**cell: **303-589-4581


Yes, I got my datasource if I call


May be, I selected “Drop data” in Console and this changed status in Disabled,but I see agilenet_measures datasource and all segments in Console also if “Show disable” switch in Console is OFF.

Is there a way to reenable datasource ?


Can you run this /druid/coordinator/v1/metadata/datasources without the ?includeDisabled ?
If you want to re-enable all the segments for that data-source, then you can achieve this by updating the Metadata DB DRUID_SEGMENTS table.
For ex : UPDATE DRUID_SEGMENTS SET USED=true where DATASOURCE=’<datasource-name’;

The above query will enable all the segments for that DS and we should be able to see it on the Druid console.


You should also be able to run


Eric Graham

Solutions Engineer -** **Imply

**cell: **303-589-4581


I had made a similar thread here:!topic/druid-user/epFTZ-hJ4DU

TLDR: Looks like there is a bug on 0.14.2 which doesn’t let us delete by interval. I can personally confirm */markUnused" API on 0…15.0 works.

PS: You will have to submit a kill task to delete from deep storage.