Delete segments from druid data source

Hi -

I have a question regarding deleting some segments based on interval from my druid data source. I know one can disable the segments on co-ordinator console and then send a kill command to remove the segments from deep storage - but I need a way to disable the segments using curl command instead of manually disabling them from co-ordinator console.

Below is the command used but the co-ordinator console still shows the segments.

curl -X DELETE "http://localhost:8081/druid/coordinator/v1/datasources/{datasourceName>/intervals/2016-03-31T00:00:00.000Z/2016-03-31T04:00:00.000Z

Can someone please let me know what is wrong with this command?


This command is for killing datasource, but first you have to disable the datasource by using

curl -X DELETE "http://localhost:8081/druid/coordinator/v1/datasources/{datasourceName>

and then run the above query you have mentioned


But is there a way to disable only the intervals that I want to later remove? or the only way is to disable the entire datasource and delete the intervals.

How does one enable the datasource back after removing the intervals?