Deleting segments from rollup


I have a use case for deleting segments based on a given query condition.

Based on the example from docs-

I have a roll up which counts clicks for all publishers, by gender. So I have two count values, total clicks

Now I want to get a count, without a certain publisher from the total counts. Isi t just a different query?

If it’s not possible to get this information from rollups already stored, can I do this on future rollups? A possible configuration would be to blacklist a publisher from counts. Is it possible to define a rollup like that?



timestamp             publisher          advertiser  gender  country   price
2011-01-01T01:01:35Z  [](    [](  Male    USA            0.65
2011-01-01T01:03:63Z  [](    [](  Male    USA            0.62
2011-01-01T01:04:51Z  [](    [](  Male    USA            0.45
2011-01-01T01:00:00Z  [](  [](  Female  UK       0      0.87
2011-01-01T02:00:00Z  [](  [](  Female  UK       0      0.99
2011-01-01T02:00:00Z  [](  [](  Female  UK       1      1.5

Hi Seema,

Getting a count which excludes a certain publisher from the result is a fairly common query that can be achieved using query filters: