Delta ingestion taking too much time


I am currently doing a Proof of Concept for druid where i did a batch ingestion for around 7000 entries with each one of them having 15 -20 dimensions and over 60 metrics. And now I am trying to append more and more data to the same datasource. But it seems to be taking a huge amount of time and it does not complete. I tried pushing just 1 event through delta ingestion with an exisiting 7000 events pushed earlier using batch ingestion, but that also doesn’t seem to work. Then I pushed just 1 event using batch ingestion and over that pushed another 1 event using delta ingestion, which happened to be successful.

Don’t know if its a Ram problem or wrong intervals problem.

P.S. I am running all the processes on the same system. with a RAM of 7GB and SSD 30GB

I am attaching two files:

schema1 => Batch Ingestion schema

schema2 => Delta Ingestion Schema

schema1.json (10.3 KB)

schema2.json (10.4 KB)