Deploy Druid in Production

Dear all,

  • I’m new bie with druid. I’m using hdp 2.6.2 and tend to deploy druid in hdp. but version comparable with hdp 2.6.2 is druid 0.9.2.

  • I wonder what’s the best solution to deploy druid in production

  1. Normal: install druid 0.9.2 as a service of hortonword 2.6.2

  2. Install Druid from lastest version (0.17) and integrated it with hdp

  3. install ( i don’t know provide free as hortonwork or kafka)

  4. other suggestion…

can anyone heap me to clear dark cloud :frowning: :frowning:



have anyone help me, please !!!

Hi Chu,
In production, Its recommend deploying multiple Master servers and multiple Query servers in a fault-tolerant configuration based on your specific fault-tolerance needs, but you can get started quickly with one Master and one Query server and add more servers later.

Please refer below doc page for more details:

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