Deployment on ECS

Hi there, i’m pretty new to Druid and only used locally. But i’m planning to create a small production deployment. As i didn’t found any similar deployment strategy, i wish to know if i deploy on ECS as clustered deployment in which each part of druid will be a ECS service running as a container. So i can take advantages of service autoscaling (horizontal scaling) and cluster auto scaling with autoscale groups (vertical auto scaling). The volume will be a EBS volume.

1 - is there any downside that make this option inviable (or nearly inviable)?
2 - run as a docker container could also be a major downside?
3 - is this a good deployment setup?

Thank you in advance!

I haven’t tried ECS, but it should be perfectly viable.
In case you haven’t read these yet, I think you’ll find them useful:

Let us know how it goes.

Hi caio_mota, answers inline: