Derby sql error 'var/druid/metadata.db' exception

hi Folks ,

I have installed the druid application in my local Mac machine .

and I could play around by testing load of batch file ingestion from local and Hadoop.

But after 2 days when I restart the application I am not able to summit any of my index tasks (index, Hadoop-index) to the application , when I do I get this message saying -

" waiting for indexing service to be up"

when I digged into the server logs , it appears to be my overlord service is not being up and throwing the below exception when we restart the druid application .

Caused by: DERBY SQL error: ERRORCODE: 40000, SQLSTATE: XJ041, SQLERRMC: Failed to create database ‘var/druid/metadata.db’, see the next exception for details.::SQLSTATE: XBM0A

I have attached the screenshot of the exception .please check .Anyone have any idea ?