distinctCount aggregator

Hey guys,

“make sure queryGranularity is divide exactly by segmentGranularity”

What does it mean ?

For example,every day we batch build yesterday’s data, and segmentGranularity=day, so the queryGranularity must query data within a day, if not the result will wrong.

在 2016年7月27日星期三 UTC+8下午8:48:36,Benjamin Angelaud写道:

Thanks for your answer !

So that’s mean if i want a distinct count on a period, i have to create a segment with segmentGranularity = my period and queryGranularity = my period ?

Typically, i have to create a segment per day for my data, my segmentGranularity is set to “day”, so i have to set the queryGanularity to “day” too ? And i can’t query the distinct count on a largest period ?

You can set queryGanularity to “day” or “hour” or “any queryGanularity small than day”, but should not cross days.

在 2016年7月28日星期四 UTC+8下午8:35:25,Benjamin Angelaud写道: