Documentation for Tranquility

Thanks for the Druid Project. Is there any place where I can find documentation for the Tranquility APIs? Specifically I want to find out where the Rejection policy is set in the service creation for Java. When I am sending messages to Druid in batches of 5 messages at a time, the success callback gives me 0 a lot of times and I would like to confirm whether its because of the Rejection policy. The documentation will also help me in tuning the service further. The load that we are trying to send is around 60-100 million messages per minute to Druid. Any help is greatly appreciated.



Just a correction, I am sending batches of 500 messages

Hi Ram,
in terms of documentation tranquility is lacking the API docs, any contributions there will be helpful.

You can find the druid related classes in tranquility here -

the available tunable configs are inside DruidBeamConfig and DruidTuning.

As for the rejectionPolicy tranquility sets NoneRejectionPolicy by default and drops the data outside windowPeriod on its own.

Its being set inside -

Thanks for the info Nishant. Let me go through them and do my bit.