Does it need realtime nodes when use Tranquility+Indexing service?

I trying to use Tranquility+Indexing service to consume kafka messages. but in Tranquility doc(, I found that “You don’t need any realtime nodes, since Tranquility uses the indexing service for all of its ingestion needs.”

Does it means I shouldn’t setup any realtime nodes in cluster? if so, does the realtime data can be query before it handoff to the historical nodes? and where the realtime data be query?

I’m not clear about this matter, please help me to understand the relationship between realtime node and index serivce

Tranquility uses the indexing service and you no longer need realtime nodes if you use the indexing service.


You might also just consider trying out, there’s much less stuff to think about with regards to evaluating Druid.

Hi Fangjin,
As doc said “Real-time nodes respond to query requests from Broker nodes, returning query results to those nodes.”

If there are no realtime nodes in cluster, who provide the realtime data query function to broker?

Does that mean the druid can’t query Realtime data if we use index service to ingest events?

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Hey James,

Thanks for your help, You make my day!

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