doubleSum aggregation is giving 0.0 on query

I have used the following metric spec for data ingestion

“metricsSpec” : [


“name” : “amount”,

“type” : “doubleSum”,

“fieldName” : “order_amount”



“name” : “processed_orders_id”,

“type” : “hyperUnique”,

“fieldName” : “id”



But now when i query the data it gives me the amount as 0.0 over a time range.

This is my aggregation for the query

“aggregations”: [

{ “type”: “count”, “name”: “processed_orders_id”},

{“type” : “doubleSum”, “name” : “amount”, “fieldName” : “order_amount”}


Any help?


fieldName in your query should be ‘amount’, and not ‘order_amount’.

In your metrics spec, you’re indexing the field ‘order_amount’ from the raw data into a column named ‘amount’. Hence in your query, you should be referencing the fieldName ‘amount’ and naming the result whatever you want by specifying ‘name’.