Druid 0.10.1-rc3 available

We’re happy to announce our next release candidate, Druid 0.10.1-rc3!

Druid 0.10.1 will contain hundreds of performance improvements, stability improvements, and bug fixes from over 40 contributors. Major new features include:

  • Large performance improvements and additional query metrics for TopN queries

  • The ability to push down limit clauses for GroupBy queries

  • More accurate query timeout handling

  • Hadoop indexing support for the Amazon S3A filesystem

  • Support for ingesting Protobuf data

  • A new Firehose that can read input via HTTP

  • Improved disk space management when indexing from cloud stores

  • Various improvements to coordinator lookups management

  • A new Kafka metrics emitter

  • A new dimension comparison filter

  • Various improvements to Druid SQL

Everyone in the community is invited to help out with the upcoming release by downloading this candidate and evaluating it.

Draft release notes are at:


Documentation for this release candidate is at:


You can download the release candidate here:


Please file GitHub issues if you find any problems:


Thanks everyone who contributed!