Druid 0.10.1 release

We’re happy to announce our next release, Druid 0.10.1!

Druid 0.10.1 contains hundreds of performance improvements, stability improvements, and bug fixes from over 40 contributors. Major new features include:

  • Large performance improvements and additional query metrics for TopN queries

  • The ability to push down limit clauses for GroupBy queries

  • More accurate query timeout handling

  • Hadoop indexing support for the Amazon S3A filesystem

  • Support for ingesting Protobuf data

  • A new Firehose that can read input via HTTP

  • Improved disk space management when indexing from cloud stores

  • Various improvements to coordinator lookups management

  • A new Kafka metrics emitter

  • A new dimension comparison filter

  • Various improvements to Druid SQL

You can download the release at:


Release notes are at:


Documentation for this release is at:


Thanks to everyone who contributed issues, docs, and code!