Druid 0.11.0 issue in rolling update of overlord and co ordinator


My current druid version is 0.10.1 and trying to upgrade to 0.11.0

I generally follow druid default rolling upgrade as mentioned in



Overlord (if any)

Middle Manager (if any)

Standalone Real-time (if any)


Coordinator ( or merged Coordinator+Overlord )

druid 0.11.0 upgrade release notes had a line

"During the upgrade process, there must not be any time period where a non-0.11.0 coordinator or overlord is running simultaneously with an 0.11.0 coordinator or overlord."

But I wanted to follow default rolling update pattern. I would want to upgrade overlord nodes on day 1 and proceed with middle manager and co ordinators the subsequent days… but till then cant keep the coordinator node down.

How do I fit 0.11.0 release upgrade with the general rolling upgrade

Should I restart overlord, middle manager and coordinator at the same day (because coordinator is usually upgraded at last )

Please suggest some way to resolve this upgrade issue.