Druid 0.12.0 release

We’re excited to announce our latest release, Druid 0.12.0!

Druid 0.12.0 contains over a hundred performance improvements, stability improvements, and bug fixes from almost 40 contributors. This release adds major improvements to the Kafka indexing service.

Other major new features include:

  • Prioritized task locking

  • Improved automatic segment management

  • Test stats post-aggregators

  • Numeric quantiles sketch aggregator

  • Basic auth extension

  • Query request queuing improvements

  • Parse batch support

  • Various performance improvements

  • Various improvements to Druid SQL

You can download the release here: http://druid.io/downloads.html

The full list of changes is here: https://github.com/druid-io/druid/pulls?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=is%3Apr%20is%3Aclosed%20milestone%3A0.12.0

Documentation for this release is at: http://druid.io/docs/0.12.0/

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Thanks Jon and everyone else who was a part of this release!