Druid 0.12.3 : http emitter not working

We tried to enable HTTP emitter for Historical nodes to help us monitor and prepare historical node scaling, but seems the only logging mechanism works and not http ways.

We updated configs below:

In common properties:


Then in historical/runtime.properties, I added the monitor for historical:

druid.monitoring.monitors=[“io.druid.server.metrics.HistoricalMetricsMonitor”, “com.metamx.metrics.JvmMonitor”]

Couldnt get any connection or result for recipientbase url.

I am assuming that the inbuilt jetty server should help us to get the endpoint working, if port 8080 is available.

Anything we missed to configure to get the metrics via HTTP?

By enabling logging emitter, we could see some metrics

Jun 10 14:38:33 historical-host11 druid: 2019-06-10T14:38:33,920 INFO [MonitorScheduler-0] LoggingEmitter - Event [




Hi Chitra,


Do you have a web server running locally at port 8080 which can collect metrics emitted by Druid ?

Make sure you are setting druid.emitter=http to use Http Emitter.