Druid 0.13.0 | AWS SDK signature V2 soon out of life for some AWS regions?

Good morning,

we are currently switching from Druid 0.12.3 to Druid 0.13.0. As S3-Deepstorage we were using Ceph S3 (http://docs.ceph.com/docs/mimic/radosgw/s3/).

Unfortunately there is a bug in the current Ceph release that makes it impossible to use it with the old AWS SDK signature V2.

After a few debugging sessions we found out that Ceph S3 returns always ‘0’ for result.getKeyCount(), even the object was successfully downloaded.

Due to this show stopper we switched to AWS S3 for our Druid 0.13.0 cluster. Our S3 region is EU (Frankfurt) eu-central-1.

With AWS S3, Druid 0.13.0 is working like a charm.

On the other hand the AWS documantation says, that the used signature V2 is not compatible with EU (Frankfurt) and other regions. Seems like AWS is not officially supporting V2 for this region and can out of nothing deactivate it completely.

Is there a plan to update the AWS SDK requests to V4?



Forgot to post the AWS documentation, where they mentioned the incompatibility for some regions: