Druid 0.15 error

Hi Team ,

We have implemented cluster setup . We are getting below issue in unified console . urgent help required .

Please find the attachment .


Any issue in logs ?

Hi Team,

There is no issue in the logs. All we can see it this error as :

org.apache.druid.server.coordinator.DruidCoordinator - Metadata store not polled.

The above information is coming as INFO not an error and repeated multiple times.



We added more detailed log.

2019-08-29T21:18:57,472 WARN [DatabaseSegmentManager-Exec–0] org.apache.druid.metadata.SQLMetadataSegmentManager - No segments found in the database!

2019-08-29T21:18:57,539 INFO [TaskQueue-StorageSync] org.apache.druid.indexing.overlord.TaskQueue - Synced 0 tasks from storage (0 tasks added, 0 tasks removed).

2019-08-29T21:18:57,679 INFO [DatabaseRuleManager-Exec–0] org.apache.druid.metadata.SQLMetadataRuleManager - Polled and found 1 rule(s) for 1 datasource(s)

2019-08-29T21:18:57,897 INFO [Coordinator-Exec–0] org.apache.druid.server.coordinator.DruidCoordinator - Metadata store not polled yet, skipping this run.


Sumeet Lalvani

Is your broker running? I suspect it is not.

What are you using for a metadata store? Can you please send your common.runtime.properties?

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Try to change a port on router node and that is 8888.
I hope this should be work.