Druid 0.17.0 version: version 2.4.0 of com.fasterxml.jackson.core_jackson-databind

Hi Team,

We have Druid single node running on Google kubernetes(GKE), and we use latest Druid version(0.17.0). And some of the jars have appeared in the list of security vulnerable packages.

com.fasterxml.jackson.core_jackson-databind : version 2.4.0 is one among the list.

But Druid 0.17.0 use latest version of jackson databind(2.10.1) in both lib and extension folders. I am unable to find a direct reference to version 2.4.0.

Could I get some guidance on locating version 2.4.0 of com.fasterxml.jackson.core_jackson-databind, anywhere in Druid 0.17.0 version?