Druid 0.19.0: MetaData in SQL DB after Update ('segments' table)


according to https://github.com/apache/druid/releases/tag/druid-0.19.0#19-upgrading-from-previous the column ‘payload’ in the druid_segments table should be
replaced with ‘dimensions’, ‘metrics’, and ‘shardSpec’.
After upgrading our druid cluster the table is the same as before.

Do we have to update the table ourself? Is there some documentation for that?
Fact is, druid cluster 0.19.0 is not running properly and unusable for us at the moment.
(kafka indexing fails, web-console datasource view is broken, etc.)

Regards, Alex

Hi Alex,
The ‘payload’ column was replaced with ‘dimensions’, ‘metrics’, and ‘shardSpec’ in the sys.segments table and not the druid_segments table.

sys.segments is a virtual table that druid creates and can be queryable using druid sql. Therefore the column replacements will be available by default once you upgrade to 0.19.

Ahh, ok…my mistake. So, the problems with our 0.19.0 cluster must have some other reasons =/

Thank you for reply