Druid 0.8.0 realtime node failing with "Error injecting constructor, java.lang.NullPointerException"

Hi everyone,

Can you guys take a look at my output and configuration and see what I’m doing wrong?


Even if I comment the druid.realtime.specFile it still dies the same way.


Hey Dan, it looks like your runtime.properties is not actually being loaded. Normally Druid will load it from “runtime.properties” in the cwd. If you want it somewhere else, you can set -Ddruid.properties.file=foo on the java command line.

Another couple things you might run into after moving past that,

  1. Looks like you’re trying to load .gz files using the local firehose. I don’t think the local firehose can read .gz files, so that may not actually work.

  2. Looks like you’re loading local files with a realtime node. That may not actually do what you expect- if you’re hoping it will monitor the directory and load new files as they appear, that’s not actually what will happen. It will just ingest what exists at the time the node starts up, and then the node will exit. Most people using realtime nodes are ingesting from a streaming data source like Kafka.

Also, I think this comment about the ioConfig is a red herring, the original use of “realtime” actually does make sense for a realtime node. Assuming that’s what you’re wanting to set up.

The bit about the cwd might have been a lie. I think it’s actually the classpath instead.