Druid 0.9.1 coordinator console

Hello everyone,

I’m on druid 0.9.1 since this morning and i can’t see the informations about historical nodes on the coordinator console anymore.

When i go on the old console > cluster view, i see it with the segments.

When a datasource is loaded, i can see the blue icon on the left of the datasource but no more informations about historical nodes.

What can i do ?



Hey Ben,

Thanks for the report. We are investigating.

Hey Ben,

It looks like something went wrong with the build process for the javascript part of the coordinator console. We will likely release to fix that. Thanks for catching it!

Just saw it on Druid-Development group :wink:

Still have the same problem on … Can see datasources are load but no historical display.
Still can see them in old coordinator console.

I hope it’s on my side …

Could you try doing a hard refresh of the page (shift+reload in Chrome)? I had to do that to get my browser to pick up the new JS assets.


It works ! :slight_smile: