Druid 0.9.1 release

We’re happy to announce our latest release, Druid 0.9.1!

Druid 0.9.1 contains hundreds of performance improvements, stability improvements, and bug fixes from over 30 contributors. Major new features include an experimental Kafka indexing service to support exactly-once consumption from Apache Kafka, support for cluster-wide query-time lookups (QTL), and an improved segment balancing algorithm.

You can download the release candidate here:


Release notes are at:


Thanks to everyone who contributed issues, docs, and code!

Whoops, I mean you can download the release there. It’s not a candidate :slight_smile:

Important note: we have just released due to a bug with the Coordinator web console discovered shortly after release – historical nodes were not showing up in the new console (the old console was not affected). We recommend upgrading to for anyone who has already downloaded 0.9.1.

The fix to the Coordinator web console is the only change in