Druid 0.9.1

Any idea when is Druid 0.9.1 getting released.

Is there any spark based batch ingestion spec available for reference. Need to check if we can do a batch ingestion from a spark based indexer batch job.



Hey Sambit,

0.9.1 RCs should start to appear Real Soon Now™, with a release after those have received some testing.

The Spark batch batch ingester I am aware of is here: https://github.com/metamx/druid-spark-batch. I haven’t used it personally though so I’m not sure what options it takes.

There is an example task for the indexing service in the README https://github.com/metamx/druid-spark-batch/blob/master/README.md

You can follow outstanding 0.9.1 issues at https://github.com/druid-io/druid/milestones/0.9.1 and see the PRELIMINARY release notes at https://github.com/druid-io/druid/issues/2999

Thanks Gian. Thats cool. Any idea if it will be out in a week’s time. I can in the meantime take a build from git master branch and experiment.

Hi Gian, Does the spark batch ingestion support reading files from S3 buckets yet like the one it does in hadoop batch ingestion.

Spark batch ingestion supports reading files from S3 buckets

We’re working on what will hopefully be the last PR that needs to be merged into 0.9.1 so expect the RC out any day now.

The RC is now out.