Druid - Any road-map for generating Continuous Alerts and Better Visualization?

Today we have an event collection system that collects data in great detail across all our applications and systems across all products (we have quite a few products).

And we have an old system which
allows for aggregation and charting the metrics from these events. As you can
imagine due to very heavy volumes, our retention on this MySQL based system is
very low. And we have very basic alerting system also based on these logs.
Hence the need to built a new scalable system, which will allow us to keep
metrics for several months and allow flexible alerting based on them.

Apart from aggregation and query capabilities, does Druid have any road-map outlined for continuous querying so we can generate alerts on them? Also, we were exploring Pivot for visualization but it doesn’t support some of the basic features like - auth, dashboards etc. Are there any plans to integrate with more mature visualization tools like Grafana?


Druid already integrates with Grafana

See https://github.com/gianm/druid-monitorama-2015

For Pivot specific questions, you may want to try https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/imply-user-group

Suggestions for new features are welcome.


I tried integrating Druid with Grafana based on the experimental plugin and it doesn’t work.

I tried with latest version fo Grafana though.


Hey Jagadeesh,

I believe that Grafana plugin only works with older versions of Grafana.

You could try having Grafana talk to Druid through PlyQL (http://imply.io/post/2016/05/04/programmatic-plyql.html) and see how far that will take you. Feedback is welcome if you try this and run into any issues.

Hi Gian,

I thought Grafana doesn’t have a mysql datasource. It only uses mysql for storing metadata - users, dashboard settings etc.Am I missing something else ?



Ah in that case, never mind. I’m not too familiar with Grafana and didn’t know which datasources it supported.