Druid Bay Area August Meetup

Hi everyone,

Please join us for our next Bay Area Druid meetup: http://www.meetup.com/druidio/events/233073994/ Aug 23rd at Opendoor!

We’ll be talking about analyzing housing data, the recent updates to QTL, and the 0.9.2 and beyond roadmap.



Hi FJ,

Have you recorded the druid meetup at Paypal or Opendoor. It would be great if you can share those recorded videos.

Appreciate you help on this.



Hi Anu, they were not recorded, but I can try to get the slides uploaded online.

Happy to answer any questions in this thread in the meantime.

We will make a more dedicated effort to record the bay area meetups in the future.

I would +1 the request to have the meetups recorded as I am not in the Bay Area either and would very much like to hear the talks.