Druid Cluster on AWS EMR(Error: Service serving this console is not responding)

Hello All,

I have been trying to set up a druid cluster using four ec2 instances in AWS EMR(6.7.0) with the below configurations.
1 Master server (m5.2xlarge)
2 Data servers (i3.4xlarge)
1 Query server (m5.2xlarge)

Followed the steps as mentioned in
Clustered deployment · Apache Druid

Installed druid (0.23.0) in all the four ec2 instances and edited the common run time properties to set up deep storage as HDFS and replaced metadata storage with the address of the Master Node as mentioned in the above link.

But when I opened the druid console , I am getting the below error.

Please advise.

Welcome @VarunKris! Can you see which API calls are failing?

Thanks Mark !! How do I check the API calls ? You mean to look at the zoo keeper logs of each ec2 instance ?

When I check the Druid Doctor it says the below

I wanted to know how all the four ec2 instances know that druid is distributed across the four servers. I gave the respective machine ips in the conf/druid/cluster/_common/common.runtime.properties of each ec2 instance but still I feel the druid is not having a connection between these four servers.

Can you try accessing the User Management option from the wheel on the RHS top corner and get a screenshot of your admin permissions?

One reason could be, this message appears when the capability detection (on initial console load) has failed in a drastic way indicating that the services needed to serve the console are down. You can discover more if you open the network tab and see exactly what api calls are failing

Hi VarunKris,

What do you mean by this quoted text? Have you installed mysql in the master node?

Can you run ps -ef | grep druid in the master and confirm that both the overlord and coordinator processes are up and running?

Hi @vsevall

I don’t see that option at all. Here is what I see in the console at the top.

Hi @Vijeth_Sagar

I meant as per the druid documentation given here Clustered deployment · Apache Druid
" In conf/druid/cluster/_common/common.runtime.properties , replace “metadata.storage.*” with the address of the machine that you will use as your metadata store:"

As per your suggestion , I executed ps -ef | grep druid in the master and here is what I got