Druid Datasource not loading

Hi I am trying to load data in druid its coming till ingestion then not moving to the data source

some times it works some times its getting stuck not able to do query as there is no data source

I ran into this when reusing the same datasource name for a second attempt.
Is this the case? It should be easy to test. Just change the name of the datasource and try again.

In my case, I “cleaned up” between tests by marking all segments for the datasource as unused and then running a kill task to remove them. The datasource seems to be removed when you do this, but the kafka topic offset is not reset, so a second run reads from the offset and if no new data has been published, there is nothing to do and no segments get created.

@jon.king provided the better answer. Thanks Jon :
To reset the offsets, go to the Supervisor task, click on the wrench icon and choose "Hard Reset"