Druid Deep Storage

Hi Guys,

I am using druid- 0.8.0 and enabled deep storage as S3, but i am unable to see the data stored to S3. In commonruntime.properties i have below configurations and mentioned S3 extensions also. Logs from the historical node is as below.

I am missing anything here.Please suggest.


Hi Suresh,
the extension and runtime.properties looks good.

How are you ingesting the data, realtime or batch ?

In case of realtime, the segment is stored in the deep storage after ( segmentGranularity + WindowPeriod ).

and for batch its done when the task completes.

Did your ingestion task completed successfully ?

Also check for any exceptions in your task logs.

Thanks Nishant,
I was using realtime for ingesting data.I was having the window period as higher value, have reduced it and able to see data being stored to S3.