druid do not write past data

druid: 0.8.2 with kafka 8 firehose

When i try to write data on druid via kafka happens that:

first i wrote 2015-11-24 ’ data
after i wrote 2015-11-29 ’ data
then when i try writing 2015-11-25’ s data its fails
but when i try 2015-11-30’s data its written.

How can i write data invidually to druid based on the past and future timestamps?

it is solved with changing rejectionPolicy with none

27 Kasım 2015 Cuma 17:16:57 UTC+2 tarihinde Yunus Ozden yazdı:

This has been posted a few times now, but you are hitting problems with windowPeriod and your current solution won’t actually do what you want.