druid does not write on deep storage

i am using kafka 8 for realtime ingestion, and i am using druid 0.8.2 with local storage as deep storage

here is my configs at attachments

common.runtime.properties (2.14 KB)

runtime.properties_broker (1.08 KB)

runtime.properties_coordinator (1.05 KB)

runtime.properties_historical (1.51 KB)

runtime.properties_realtime (1.47 KB)

Hi Yunus,

Could you post the log messages from the realtime node from startup until it tries to persist segments so we can see what’s happening? In your realtime spec file, change segmentGranularity to “MINUTE” and change windowPeriod to “PT10s” so that it writes to deep storage faster. Collecting logs for a few minutes should be sufficient.

(It also may be that you weren’t waiting long enough for it to write to deep storage. Druid won’t write to disk until segmentGranularity+windowPeriod has elapsed, so making this shorter might already give you results.)

did not work

When i change rejectionPolicy to serverTİme it writes data on deep storage, but when none don’t, how can i fix this i need none rejectionPolicy

Is there a particular reason you need to use a none rejection policy? As you noted in your other post, serverTime is the recommended policy for realtime ingestion and if you need to do processing of data in the past you should be using batch ingestion.