Druid download link gives 503 error

I’m trying to download the latest version of Druid from the website.

The website gives met the following URL: https://dlcdn.apache.org/druid/0.22.1/apache-druid-0.22.1-bin.tar.gz

When requesting this URL i’m getting the following 503 error message:

Error 503 Backend unavailable, connection timeout

Backend unavailable, connection timeout

Guru Mediation:

Details: cache-ams12736-AMS 1647252841 246051122

Varnish cache server

Can somebody please help me? Or fix the download link on the website?

Hi Dennis,

Welcome to the druid forum!

I just tried this link and the file was able to download. Maybe it was temporarily unavailable. Please try now.


Thank you! Have been reading for a while, but didn’t need to ask a question yet.

I tried it on multiple browsers (and directly on my server using wget).
But still not working. Could it be the cache on the Amsterdam server? Any way to access another one?

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I tried wget and that worked too. Could you try using the links here;

The backup site is now working. That wasn’t working before, but the normal one isn’t working (same error as above).

Thanks for the help!

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