Druid examples to load and query data


I am new to druid, trying to load data from files and Kafka but nothing seems to be working as I don't see clear documentation or examples regarding this. I started with examples given in druid with will data but for me documentation was not clear as it didn't give any details on where to keep index.json and input files whether local or hdfs and how to pass those details in in ingesetion spec. I am facing problem with these small things.

Could any one please share any documentation related to this where I can find good examples.



Did you have a check the following Druid tutorials?



Thanks & Rgds

Hi Venkat,

Yes, I tried when I ingest data it’s shows success in overlord UI but when I see it in coordinator UI it shows red circle which should be green circle when load is successful.

When I submit query it gives me empty result not sure where it has broken.

Please advice.



Ok. You could have a problem with the deep storage settings. Please review the same and also take a look at metadata db to see if the druid_segments has the segment information.

Once data is loaded, you would see blue circles.