Druid Hello Tutorial : Invalid Switch


I am a new bee trying my hands on Druid and facing issue while trying to execute run_example_server.sh file to implement Druid Hello tutorial.

( Here is the link which i am following to run druid tutorial: http://druid.io/docs/0.8.1/tutorials/tutorial-a-first-look-at-druid.html )

Technical Description

Platform : Windows 8

Druid Version : 0.8.1

To Run Linux commands : I am using Cygwin64

Zookeeper : Installed and running good.

Please check below specification on issue:

C:\druid\druid-0.8.1>bash ./run_example_server.sh

This will run a stand-alone version of Druid

FIND: Invalid switch <!-------------i am facing some issue---->:1

Please specify an example by its number.

Examples available: <!-------------Unable to get select options for available examples ---->:2

[1] >

Please help me to resolve the issue.

Thank you


Hi Sunil!

Thanks for bringing this up. Historically the Druid project has made efforts to make everything as compatible as possible, but we simply lack the resources to test and ensure windows (even cygwin) compatibility. As such, there may be problems in the script which prevent usage in a windows or cygwin environment.

Hopefully others in the community who have tinkered with Druid on Windows/Cygwin can chime in on tricks to get it to work. If you find out the problematic parts please do post an update (or a patch!)

In general though, getting a linux Hyper-V or VirtualBox vm up is probably a faster approach unless you really need a windows environment.


Charles Allen

Hi Charles!

Thank you for your response on this issue, i will be looking forward to work out using vm and let you know if i found any difficulties in setting Druid example tutorial.