Druid in docker fails to read dataset

Last version of druid I was able to dockerize and get data was 0.9.2. For anything else beyond, task gets processed and seems to fail w/o an error anywhere in the logs. Console will reflect that task as being worked on, yet dataset never shows up. Using quickstart settings, because standard cause memory errors across the board.

Setup: sligthly modified Willem van Asperen’s images with Zookeeper 3.4.10 and mariadb (https://github.com/wasperen/docker-druid), with tranquility disabled. Added bin/init to initialize folders. This specific experiment uses curl, not tranquility.

Looking to get a sample of 0.12.0 working in docker. I would appreciate any help.



Hi Vlad,

The integration-tests package in Druid might be useful, we use Docker to run integration tests, the Dockerfiles there could be a useful starting point.