Druid : Ingesting data into druid through Storm


I want to ingest data from storm into druid. I need a starting point.Something like a simple word-count topology which inserts data into druid.

Can someone point to any resource which have any simple working example(preferably java)

PS : I went through lot of documentation and have fair idea about how it works. But, I did not get any working example.


Hey Ritesh,

I don’t have a working example for you but have you seen the documentation on Tranquility’s bolt adapter?

If you haven’t considered using Tranquility, I highly recommend it as it abstracts away a lot of the complexities of Druid ingestion.

We are using storm to ingest data into druid via tranquility and it just works.

We have written the storm topology using Trident instead of native storm api’s and have used the tranquility apis to ingest data into druid in one of our Trident filters.

One suggestion is to batch your events on the storm side before sending them over to druid via tranquility,it will help to boost the performance.