Druid Logging for different process

I see that druid logs are created in var/sv//current by default and it says that “Imply 2.8 and later provide log rotation out of the box on supported platforms”

Wanted to know what is the log rotation policy (size or time) and what does this log file name signify
@40000000611e7be32e2b2cfc.s” does it follow any pattern. Wanted to know because we want to integrate splunk for logging purpose. Would greatly appreciate any help here

I can say it’s based on size - don’t recall the exact limit per file but it should be configurable.

naming - they all start with the @400… except current. But I don’t know why they are named that way.

Thanks for the reply. In my case I see bunch of files with that name with size as 96M. I guess this is the size limit ?

The system uses the RollingFileAppender and files roll over at (or around) 100MB .

Is there any pattern to the file name that are rolled out like “@40000000611e7be32e2b2cfc.s