Druid logging

Hi, I setup druid as an upstart job on Ubuntu. Currently, Druid is / was using the default log4j.xml file provided by Druid. This worked fine, and logs went to the “Console” ending. However, when I try to change this setting by removing the log4j.xml, and adding log4j properties to the _config/common.properties file I can see the configurations being captured when I start the druid service but I do not see anything written to the specified directory. Here are the log4j properties:

The default is log4j2.xml not log4j.xml

If you want to use log4j instead of log4j2 you should be able to remove the log4j2 jars from the druid classpath and put in whatever slf4j implementation you want.

Druid actually uses slf4j, but just happens to ship the log4j2 impl by default.