Druid not able to connect to MySQL server machine

Hi team,

My setup: Using druid 0.12.2. All druid nodes and zookeeper running on the same VM instance. Using Google Cloud bucket as deep storage. Another VM instance acts as a MySQL server. Want to use this instance as metadata storage. Both these VM instances are on the same network on GCP.

Internal IP of MySQL server:

Internal IP of instance running all druid nodes and zk:

**config in common.runtime.properties: **

  1. Added “mysql-metadata-storage” in loadList. Installed my-sql extension in extension folder and also replaced the jdbc connector jar file.

I copied above config in runtime.properties files of coordinator, overlord and middlemanager nodes as well.

**Config on the mysql-server VM instance:**

1. created database called druid
2. running "select user,host from mysql.user;" returns this:

So I commented about the bind_address line in /etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d/50-server.cnf file and the Coordinator and Overlord server came up momentarily.

The error I am getting now is:

Table ‘druid.druid_segments’ doesn’t exist.

This error is thrown for all the tables that should be in druid database. May be my server doesn’t have appropriate write access to the MySQL instance? Looking into that now.

Any suggestions are most welcome.


Changed the character set on druid db from utf8mb4 to utf8.

Running all the node processes creates all the tables in db now. Also able to ingest and query data! :slight_smile: