Druid on Docker issues

Hi Team,

I am trying to deploy Apache-Druid on Docker.

Docker image is build successfully. Docker-stack looks good.

When services are deployed all Druid services co-ordinator, broker, middle matter are failing to connect to zookeeper at 2181.

Not sure why these components are looking for localhost:2181 , while docker-stack has zookeeper host name as “zookeeper”?

Any pointers would be of great help.

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Hi Team,

Please help me to point to correct docker file and docker compose for latest version of Druid on Docker.

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You can find the druid dockerfiles in the below repo


And from dockerhub here



Muthu Lalapet.

hi Muthu,

I m able to launch druid locally , but when I push the same to remote docker and deploy. druid co-ordinator says not able to connect to zookeeper at localhost:2181. anything I am missing?

Oh okay. Are you using docker compose? Druid provides a sample for the same it works great. Please take a look at the below link